Old Fashioned Christian Radio – Listen to some good, Godly music while you sit at your computer.

Lighthouse Baptist Church – Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church in Loomis, Nebraska, pastored by Mike Szekely. Christianity is not a ritual, it’s a relationship.

Heartland Baptist Bible College – Heartland Baptist Bible College is committed to excellence in educating and training preachers, missionaries, and Christian workers.

Global Independent Baptist Fellowship – Recognizing that fellowships do not start churches, the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship is a fellowship of independent Baptist pastors, missionaries, and evangelists. GIBF covenants together to share a common burden to establish Baptist churches and train preachers, missionaries and workers.

Bible In A Year – Wake up every morning to a daily portion of scripture in your inbox that takes you through the Bible in a year.

Evangelist Jon Shonebarger – Independent, Fundamental Baptist Evangelist sent out through the authority of Midlands Bible Baptist Church, Bellevue, Nebraska. Please call for more information or to book a meeting: (719) 371-1577

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